This work explores the idea of the intertextuality that exists all around us, on every surface of the modern visual environment and principally with that which is always available to us on the city streets, mostly unobserved but always present and it’s historical and continuing communication. It raises questions as to where this dialogue originates from and to where it extends.

If Intertextuality is the shaping of a text’s meaning by another text, then the visual environment that we are constantly exposed to must be shaped by what has come before, what is surrounding and the constant change, addition, subtraction and redaction by street artist, tagger, workman, political activist, advertiser and of course, weather. It’s also shaped by the journey we make as, mostly unconsciously, we are imprinted by what is in our surroundings. If a text is constituted only in the moment of its reading then the visual environment is constituted literally in the moment of it’s experience.


Collages on canvas.
The material comes in most cases from the street, usually ripped off pieces of street art, advertising and anything else left on the walls.


All artworks are for sale. Please contact [email protected] for details.