Nicosia – By The Green Line

These collages on canvas are a continuing series using material from the walls of the Old City in an area within a kilometre of the green line.

The Old City of Nicosia is unique in many respects and since the Turkish invasion of 1974 it’s probably the world’s last divided city. In many ways it has been caught in time and provides a snapshot of the styles and texture of the seventies. I visit it regularly and although it is now being rapidly redeveloped (there’s a huge Zaha Hadid project going on there) and much of the seventies feeling is disappearing, the intertextuality on the walls and surfaces of the old city is extremely active.


Collages on canvas, all 25cm x 30cm.
The material comes in most cases from the street, usually ripped off pieces of street art, advertising and anything else left on the walls.


All artworks are for sale. Please contact [email protected] for details.