Patterns in Urban Anarchy

The intertextual continuum of communication in the contemporary urban visual environment formed through constant change also manifests as a visual anarchy surrounding us, always present, though mostly unobserved as anything but an unordered chaos.

We move through it mostly as though it wasn’t there, probably with good reason. If it were to be somehow amplified or able to cross over the borders between the senses then it might prove overwhelming to most.

But there are patterns in the anarchy. Becoming attuned to the chaos allows these inherent patterns to appear, with the intertextual stream and cultural juxtaposition merging and emerging into new rhythms of colour and form; an analogue to the finest of abstract painting.

With collage the constituent parts are free to form new patterns and ideas, set against a different environment and continuing the communication in a new context.


Collages on paper.
The material comes in most cases from the street, usually ripped off pieces of street art, advertising and anything else left on the walls.


All artworks are for sale. Please contact [email protected] for details.